Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy


This policy applies to all employees, officers, directors, representatives and advisors of HPIC.

Person Responsible

The Chief Financial Officer is hereby designated as responsible for the application of this policy, and to review this policy on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to comply with industry laws, regulations, guidelines and best practices.  The Chief Financial Officer is also responsible to communicate this policy to all employees, officers, directors, representatives and advisors of HPIC.


A complaint shall be deemed to mean any written statement of a donor or partner alleging a grievance involving the conduct, business or affairs of HPIC or any employee, representative, officer, director or advisor of HPIC.

Although the definition of “complaint” refers to only written complaints, there may be instances where HPIC receives a verbal complaint which will warrant the same treatment as a written complaint.  Such situations depend upon the nature and severity of the complainant’s allegations and the judgment of the individual who receives the complaint.

A complaint should include, at least, one of the three following elements:

  • Complaint about HPIC;
  • Potential damages or damages suffered by the complainant; or
  • Request of corrective measures.

For greater certainty, errors that HPIC accepted to correct are not considered as complaints unless repetition or recurrence causes grievance to a complainant.

A Complaint Log is kept to track key elements of the complaint process and category in order to identify potential trends or concerns and to produce reports.


It is the policy of HPIC to:

  1. Handle complaints from donors and partners in a timely, effective, fair and consistent manner.
  2. To record complaints centrally in the complaints log.
  3. If the complaint involves a product HPIC received form a healthcare company, HPIC will report the complaint to the company whose product is involved.

Acknowledgement Letter

When HPIC receives a complaint, an acknowledgement letter must be sent to the complainant.  This letter must include the following elements:

  • Name of the person responsible for handling the complaint;
  • Key elements of HPIC’s Complaints Policy; and
  • Expected delay of the outcome.

Complaint Log

  1. All official complaints will be reported to the President.
  1. All complaints must be logged in the Complaint Log.  The Complaint Log must, at least, include the following information:
  • Date of complaint;
  • Complainant’s name;
  • Nature of the complaint and the circumstances;
  • Name of the person who is the subject of the complaint;
  • The product or the services which are subject of the complaint; and
  • The date and conclusions of the decision rendered in connection with the complaint.
  1. Complaints in the Complaint Log must be maintained for a period of seven (7) years following the resolution date.

Change of Procedures and Disciplinary Measures

The President and the Chief Financial Officer must monitor the Complaint Log and ensure that appropriate disciplinary measures are taken, if necessary and provide recommendations for change in the company’s procedures, if appropriate.

All complaints can be sent to or

Adopted at HPIC’s Board of Directors Meeting October 18, 2012