Product Donations

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About donating products

HPIC counts on the partnership of more than 80 companies from across all sectors of the health-care industry and enjoys the support of  the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA), Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada), and Innovative Medicines Canada.

Every item of medical aid provided through HPIC’s programs has been generously donated.

HPIC’s product donors provide:

  • prescription medicines
  • over-the-counter medicines
  • vaccines
  • medical supplies, instruments and devices


HPIC’s product donors have confidence in HPIC. Many companies have been channelling their product donations through HPIC for more than a decade, some for 17 years. HPIC’s Establishment Licence from Health Canada guarantees that HPIC treats products with the same diligence and care as the manufacturer. In the event of a recall, HPIC can trace a product anywhere in the world. HPIC regularly visits projects to assess needs and conduct audits.

Planned donations

In order to meet the ongoing needs of our established programs, HPIC counts on planned donations. Each year HPIC presents the needs of its programs and asks for specific quantities of medicines and supplies from our partner companies.

Unplanned opportunities to donate

HPIC encourages its partners to conduct regular inventory reviews in order to identify opportunities to donate products.

Emergency appeals

When an emergency strikes in the developing world, HPIC puts out an urgent appeal for products to meet the needs on the ground. We are proud of the quick and generous responses that we have grown accustomed to expecting from our partners.

HPIC’s criteria for accepting a product offer

Products must:

  • meet needs
  • be appropriate
  • be first quality
  • have minimum 12-month dating*

*A product must have sufficient dating to allow the donated medicine to be used prior to expiry.