Emergency Relief

The magnitude of destruction wrought by an earthquake in Iran in 1990 mobilized Health Partners International of Canada and our newly established network of partner companies in the healthcare industry to plan our first project.

Over the decades that followed HPIC has proven time and again that we have the network and partners in place to be a reliable and effective organization to work with in emergency situations.

Rallying point for Canada’s response

As the charity of choice for Canada’s healthcare industry, HPIC is empowered to act as a coordinating body to channel donations of medicines and supplies from Canadian healthcare companies. Operating this way provides for a more efficient, coordinated response that meets needs on the ground and gets to people in need quickly through our established distribution networks, NGO partnerships, relationships with ministries of health and global organizations, such as the World Health Organization.

As an independent organization, HPIC brings dozens of partners together who are usually competitors to obtain a variety of high-quality in-date donated medicines and supplies.

Basic medicines and supplies ready to go

The Physician Travel Pack is a mobile medical kit containing basic medicines and supplies that can provide up to 600 treatments. HPIC keeps an inventory dedicated to filling PTP requests. PTPs are ideal for emergencies because they are small hand-carried packages with an assortment of medicines that are at the top of emergency needs lists.

Proven track record

HPIC has responded to dozens of emergencies and has sent medicines to over 100 countries with great success. Through established partnerships, a solid screening and application process, and using best practices, HPIC has built a reputation of being able to get medicines into the hands of end users in need all over the world. HPIC is one of the only NGOs in the world that is entrusted to handle the complicated cold chain management of vaccine donations.

Needs driven

HPIC is committed to researching and identifying the needs on the ground in collaboration with partners. Needs lists are the starting point for any emergency response.

Extensive global network

In urgent situations, HPIC can turn to its extensive network of partners all over the world. Through the Health + Hope Alliance, HPIC has an on-the-ground presence in several countries. In addition, HPIC has partners in virtually every developing country and strong relationships with the World Health Organization and its regional bodies.

Some of HPIC’s major emergency operations (short list)

  • Sri Lanka, tsunami, 2005
  • Cuba, hurricanes
  • Lebanon, political crisis, 2006
  • Pakistan, floods, 2010
  • Zimbabwe, Cholera epidemic, 2008-2009
  • Haiti, earthquake, 2010
  • Horn of Africa, drought, 2011