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Humanitarian Medical Kits

Improve access to essential medicine and restore health with HPIC’s Humanitarian Medical Kits! 

These kits are often carried by Canadian volunteers going on medical mission trips to serve vulnerable communities around the world. Many volunteers visit the same communities on a regular basis where they are investing in long-term change. The impact that these kits have on individuals and families is immediate. They are healed of diseases, wounds and infections.

Humanitarian Medical Kits are also sent as part of HPIC’s humanitarian response to provide emergency health care during natural disasters or to stock clinics in refugee camps.

HPIC provides Humanitarian Medical Kits that offer everything from basic analgesics and antibiotics to life-saving specialty medicines such as surfactants for premature babies and supplies needed for sophisticated surgeries.

HPIC provides kits for:

  • Primary Care – Portable packs of essential medicines and supplies that help medical mission teams create a functioning clinic anywhere. One kit provides up to 600 medical treatments.
  • Specialized Care – Customized kits designed for Canadian surgeons and specialists who go on medical mission trips to meet specific health needs in medically underserved communities.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Raphaëlle Plouffe at [email protected] or (514) 822-1112 ext. 104 

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