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HMK Application Process

Steps to obtain Humanitarian Medical Kits from HPIC

Submit your Application: 

To obtain a Humanitarian Medical Kit for primary care and dental care, fill out the application form and send it to [email protected] at least 6 weeks prior to the date of departure.

To obtain a Humanitarian Medical Kit for specialized care, fill out the application form along with a needs list and send them to [email protected] at least 8 weeks prior to the date of departure.

HPIC will communicate the identified needs to the Canadian healthcare industry and make every effort to source the requested medicines and supplies. You will be updated about the progress of your request.

Investigate Customs Procedures:

Applicants and carriers must fully investigate customs procedures and adhere to policies of the country of destination to ensure safe passage through customs. HPIC is not responsible for customs clearance, foreign customs charges or taxes.

HPIC provides carriers with all documents needed for customs clearance. These include a donation certificate and packing lists. Certificates of analysis are also provided upon request. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inquire about current customs regulations for the destination country.

Send your Contribution: 

A contribution is requested from Humanitarian Medical Kit applicants to help cover a portion of HPIC’s Humanitarian Medical Kit operational costs.

  • Humanitarian Medical Kit for primary care – $600 per kit.
  • Humanitarian Medical Kit for specialized care – dependent on the number of items requested.

An income tax receipt can be issued for all Humanitarian Medical Kit contributions.

If you cannot pick up your kit(s) from our Distribution Centre, we can ship it to you anywhere in Canada. Please note that shipping fees may apply.

Share your Experience with us:

In order to be accountable to our donors and ensure continuous improvement, HPIC requires Humanitarian Medical Kit partners to complete and submit the following:

  • The Confirmation of Safe Arrival form: this form must be completed upon the arrival of medicines at the final destination.
  • The Humanitarian Medical Kit Report: this report must be completed within 30 days of your return to Canada and submitted to [email protected]. Failure to submit your report will affect your eligibility for future Humanitarian Medical Kit requests.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Raphaëlle Plouffe at [email protected] or (514) 822-1112 ext. 104