Humanitarian Medical Kit for specialized care

A Humanitarian Medical Kit for specialized care is tailored for Canadian healthcare volunteers. The program supports specialists and surgeons to provide medical and surgical care.

How it works

Application: Fill out the Application and submit your specific request by filling out HPIC’s  Needs Request Template at least 6-8 weeks prior to date of departure.

Procurement: HPIC will share your needs list and make our best effort to procure the donated medicines and medical supplies from Canadian pharmaceutical donors. You will be updated about the progress of your request.

Contribution: HPIC requests a tax-deductible donation from carriers to help cover a portion of HPIC’s costs. Generally, the suggested donation is based on the number of items.

Shipping: HPIC will ship your kit to you anywhere in Canada. You are responsible for shipping.

Reporting: You must provide reporting.

Fundraise for your kit

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