Ideas for involving employees in HPIC fundraising

Ideas for involving employees in HPIC fundraising

Health Partners International of Canada is your partner for delivering health and hope to the most vulnerable communities in the world. Every year we reach about 800,000 children and adults in need of care and treatment in 50 countries.

We are in constant need of funding to cover our medical programs and projects. As a charity, we pursue our mission and annually spend the donor money entrusted to us on projects that advance access to medicine and good health. Every $1 donated to HPIC delivers at least $10 of medicine.

Pharmaceutical company employees often ask us how they can personally become more involved with HPIC’s mission.

In addition to corporate gifts, we propose that our donor companies share opportunities to participate in our mission with employees.

Here are some ways to involve employees:

  1. Share HPIC medical program fundraising campaigns a few times a year with employees through internal communications presenting HPIC as the long-term partner for medicine donations (perhaps annual fall campaign and emergencies as they arise)
  2. Offer to match employee donations to HPIC up to a certain amount
  3. Form a committee of employees to support HPIC medical program fundraising needs. Some ideas the committee could develop:
  • Zumba for HPIC (HPIC can provide an instructor in the GTA to do an hour of Zumba (fun dance exercise) for pledges of funding
    Coffee break: sell coffee and muffins as a modest fundraiser
  • Hold a Bake Sale
  • Mini campaign to sponsor a Humanitarian Medical Kit by a small team ($1,000 will fund one kit to treat 300 people)
  • Organize a rummage sale with donated items to benefit HPIC
  • Do a Half and Half Draw (half the money goes to the winner and half goes to benefit HPIC)
  • Raffle gift baskets for donated products and services
  • Do Walk-a-thon over lunch hour(s)
  • Hold a Board Game Tournament
  • Quiz game (colleagues pay to participate)
  • Bingo (pay to enter and some of the money goes to winner and some to HPIC)
  • Open a pop-up Tuck Shop (buy candy and chips in bulk and then sell them to raise funds for HPIC)
  • Birthday party for HPIC (gifts honour the person and go to support HPIC)
  • Promise Auction.Ask everyone in your office to write down a promise of what they could do for someone else, such as baking them a cake or helping them put up some shelves. Auction off these promises to the highest bidder in the team and donate all of the money to charity.
  • Doughnut Day.Did you know that Krispy Kreme sells doughnuts at a discounted price if they’re going to be resold at a charity event? Order and sell them to your office colleagues at the recommended retail price. You can donate the difference to HPIC. More info
  • Lunch with the boss: auction or raffle lunch with the boss as a prize
  • Happy Hour for HPIC: Host a wine tasting and offer guests the chance to try a variety of wines and serve cheese and crackers to accompany. Easier than a dinner and a perfect fall activity.

To discuss and for more information, please contact:

Anne Lech
HPIC’s Volunteer Coordinator
905-670-1990, ext. 216