Izzy Dolls

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Knitters bring joy to thousands of children through the Humanitarian Medical Kit

Knitters and crocheters across Canada keep Health Partners International of Canada supplied with a very special product for the Humanitarian Medical Kit: the Izzy Doll.

Doctors and healthcare professionals who carry the kit packed with essential medicines and supplies for primary health care, give Izzy Dolls to their youngest patients. Sometimes the handmade little doll, also known as a Comfort Doll, is a child’s first toy.

‘I will never forget the story a doctor once told me,’ said Glen Shepherd, HPIC’s former president. ‘It was finally the turn of one of the last patients, who had been waiting all day. The doctor asked what she had come in for. The patient said : ‘Well, it’s my son’s birthday today and I heard there were dolls.’

The humanitarian medical kit for primary care puts the essential and life-saving medicines into the hands of doctors so that people can be treated and healed. The Izzy Dolls, which are used to fill up the boxes in lieu of packing styrofoam, bring joy to sick children and children in the community.

‘It is such a neat and concrete way of offering your time and skills for a little child who doesn’t have much,’ said Debbie Krahn, a board member of HPIC who has encouraged seniors and others in Manitoba to knit Izzy Dolls. ‘The knitter has the satisfaction of knowing something she made with her own hands is going to put a smile on a child’s face. The child who receives it knows that someone took the time and care to make something special for him.’

Every year HPIC’s network of knitters and crocheters provide 12,000 dolls to children in need through the Humanitarian Medical Kits.

Izzy Doll in numbers

  • Izzy Dolls included in every kit
  • Hundreds of knitters
  • Close to 100,000 children have received Izzy Dolls
  • Given to children in more than 100 countries