Marcelle McPhaden, President and CEO

Marcelle has a significant history with HPIC having volunteered after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, quickly onboarding as staff and eventually serving as the organization’s Director, Product Planning until 2009. Returning in 2017, Marcelle has taken on increasing responsibilities, most recently as the Senior Director, Healthcare Relations and Programs.

In 2019, Marcelle steered the organization’s successful development through formulating HPIC’s 2019-2021 strategic plan, securing a historic financial donation to invest in implementing the plan, and by building strong relationships with HPIC’s stakeholders, Board of Directors and staff.

Marcelle’s expertise in healthcare development stems from her time as a clinician and a hospital manager and in working at Accreditation Canada and the Canadian Medical Association. In these roles she has driven forward organizational missions, created operational efficiencies and implemented innovative programs.  She also worked in the US pharmaceutical industry in product development and clinical research. These insights strengthen her relationships with healthcare industry partners.

Marcelle has engaged with international Ministries of Health in strengthening health standards and facilitated the assessment of healthcare organizations and health professional training programs, collaborating with national and provincial associations and regulators.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, a Master of Health Administration and serves as a board member on two not-for-profit health and social service agencies.

Marcelle has dedicated her career to healthcare and health system improvement and appreciates the collective partnerships that are required to create change.  This is a pivotal moment in HPIC’s 30 year history, where its unique industry relationships, excellence in operations, and vast network of partnerships are playing a critical role in improving health and saving lives in a dynamic world. Marcelle’s vision is to further develop partnerships, evolve programs and innovate new opportunities to enhance HPIC’s impact in advancing care, health and life around the world.

Marcelle would welcome your contact at Tel: 514-822-1112, ext. 130 / Cell: 514-815-1875, Email: