Mother-Child Health Program

Having a baby should be one of the happiest times for a woman and her family. However this experience is denied to many. Statistics show that every day, more than 800 women die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Many more are left with life-altering disabilities. And despite the recent decline in child mortality rates, thousands of mothers still mourn the loss of their children every day. Almost all of these deaths occur in low-resource settings, and most could be prevented.

Working together with committed partners, HPIC strives to help make pregnancy and childbirth a safe and joyful experience. We do this through the following key initiatives.

SHOW (Strengthening Health Outcomes for Women and Children) Haiti

HPIC is proud to partner with Plan Canada, one of the world’s largest international development agencies, to support SHOW Haiti, a multi-year Canadian government-funded project.

Mother-Child Health Kits

If supported and equipped with essential tools and basic medicine, frontline health workers can significantly contribute to improving maternal and child health in remote, rural communities.

Pamoja for Maternal and Child Health

In partnership with the Anglican church of Kenya, we aim to build communities where pregnancy and childbirth do not pose a threat to the lives of mothers and babies; where children are healthy and are able to grow and develop to their full potential. Read more 

Job-aids on Mother-Child Health

In partnership with GAiN, we are working to develop a comprehensive set of job-aids (handy reference tools and pictorial materials) that could provide midwives and other health workers with precise step-by-step guidance on how to deal with various maternal and neonatal health issues.

Supporting Fistula Repair

Our partnership with HEAL Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo brings healing to women with traumatic or obstetric fistula.