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Help HPIC deliver health and hope to vulnerable people around the world.

Area of Greatest Need

Give HPIC the maximum flexibility to fill gaps and make an immediate impact as needs arise.

By entrusting us with a gift to this category, you are empowering HPIC and its mission to respond to crisis, emergencies and other emerging operational needs without delay.

Multiply your impact with HPIC!


Donate Medicine & Supplies

If you are a corporation or company, you can donate product to HPIC in two ways:

1. HPIC will communicate product needs to you, including specific quantities of medicines and/or medical supplies and shipment deadlines.

2. Conduct regular inventory reviews/ forecasts internally and notify HPIC of any medicines and/or medical supplies you may be able to donate.

Get in touch with Heather Watts, Director of Healthcare Industry Relations.

Please Note: Donated products must meet the needs of our partners and have sufficient dating to allow for receipt, shipment creation, transportation, customs processing, distribution, and use overseas.

Host a Fundraiser

You can make an incredible difference by fundraising at your next corporate event or family celebration. Every $10 you raise will help HPIC deliver $100 worth of medicine. The impact is huge!

To get started and to learn more about getting set up, please check out our Run a Fundraiser page.

Donation of Securities

If you have appreciated stocks in your portfolio, there are significant tax savings in donating securities to registered charities. The Federal Government has eliminated all capital gains tax on gifts of publicly traded securities to registered charities. HPIC will issue an income tax receipt to donors of publicly traded securities for the market value on the date of the transfer of the securities to HPIC.

To get started, or for more information, contact us at

Leave a Legacy

Consider leaving a lasting legacy through a meaningful gift in your will to support HPIC's mission. Your contribution will echo your love, empathy, and compassion, benefiting vulnerable communities. By including a small clause designating HPIC in your will, you can help save lives and enable us to continue our vital work.

For details, reach out to Dayana Gomez, Director of Philanthropy & Communications.

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