HPIC gratefully welcomes individuals and teams of volunteers to help out with tasks and projects.

Several times a month, volunteer teams pack our Humanitarian Medical Kits, which equip Canadian volunteers and teams to provide medical care in vulnerable communities all over the world.


To book your date or for more info, contact: Dayana Gomez, 905-670-1990 ext. 209.

The packing day includes:

  • receiving basic safety training and orientation
  • hearing a presentation about our mission
  • packing kits in HPIC’s distribution centre
  • photo opportunities for posting to social media and other communications needs

Planning a Volunteer Packing day with HPIC  

  1. Set a date(s) with HPIC
  2. Choose a team of ideally 12 employees per date (maximum of 15/group)
  3. Select a team leader
  4. Team leader sends confirmation email to team with address and directions
  5. Each volunteer completes forms provided to team leader and brings to HPIC on the packing day.

Other volunteer opportunities and projects

Contact: Dayana Gomez, 905-670-1990 ext. 209 to discuss other opportunities.