Humanitarian Medical Kits: all you need to set up a clinic

Your project is planned, your trip is booked. Now you need to procure medicines. HPIC can equip your health project in the developing world with Humanitarian Medical Kits. Designed for primary care, our kits are packed with a standard assortment of essential medicines and medical supplies. Use what your patients need, what you know and what works. And don’t waste anytime shopping around when you arrive. Portable and convenient, they can be brought anywhere. Ask about the grants available for first timers, medical students and others.

Health and hope comes in a kit

Community health for $3.22 a day

When you are sick, injured or in pain, you need to see a doctor and you need medicine. A Humanitarian Medical Kit has enough medicine to treat a small community. HPIC’s primary care kit places life-saving medicines directly into the hands of a doctor. You can send mothers back to care for their children, workers back to work and children back to school.

Canadian volunteers hand-carry the kits to inner-city slums and remote rural communities, bringing care and healing to the most vulnerable communities in the world.

HPIC releases a kit to a Canadian volunteer for a minimum donation of $575. However, the actual cost per kit to HPIC is $1,175, the balance of $600 must be fundraised. Your donation will move medicine to people in need and ensure this valuable support to Canadian humanitarians helping the poorest of the poor.

Health and hope does come in a kit. And you can deliver one with your donation to HPIC!

Mother Teresa said we should "Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you." That is exactly what this team with CCAMRE - Canadian Central American Relief Effort does in providing dental care to the Mayan people in Guatemala. Thank you for your dedication and thank you Patterson Dental for supporting HPIC's Humanitarian Medical Kit for dental care.

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