Gifts for everyone

A donation to HPIC = gifts for several people:

  • – the person you wish to honour
  • – the person or community who will receive medical treatment
  • – and you (you receive the joy of giving and a tax receipt)

When you donate,  HPIC will:

  • – Send a card on your behalf (if you wish)
  • – Give you a tax receipt for income tax purposes
  • – Multiply your gift to provide $10 of medicine with every $1 donated*

*across all programs over a year


Humanitarian Medical Kits: all you need to set up a clinic

Your project is planned, your trip is booked. Now you need to procure medicines. HPIC can equip your health project in the developing world with Humanitarian Medical Kits. Designed for primary care, our kits are packed with a standard assortment of essential medicines and medical supplies. Use what your patients need, what you know and what works. And don’t waste anytime shopping around when you arrive. Portable and convenient, they can be brought anywhere. Ask about the grants available for first timers, medical students and others.

Just in time for the next ❄️🌨❄️here is a knitting project for a snowbound evening Izzy dolls protect medicines in our kits and are given to children in the communities.
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