Humanitarian Medical Kits: perfect for emergency relief for Ecuador

HPIC can equip your emergency medical relief project in the developing world. Humanitarian Medical Kits for primary care are packed with a standard assortment of essential medicines and medical supplies, frequently found on emergency needs lists. Portable and convenient, they can be brought anywhere. Ask about our special contribution request for those carrying 10 kits or more.

Ecuador emergency

Be a part of HPIC’s emergency relief operation for Ecuador.

The country was struck by a powerful earthquake April 16 followed by powerful aftershocks. Thousands are homeless, towns have been destroyed and there is great need for medical relief. Help us treat the survivors by donating toward our emergency medical relief efforts.

HPIC has received a lot of donations of medicine in response to a needs list from the Ministry of Health. We need your help to send several shipments.

Every $10 donated to HPIC delivers at least $10 of essential medicines.

Help us deliver emergency medical relief for Ecuador

Apotex a invité HPIC a regarder dans leur inventaire. Aujourd'hui et demain 14 palettes de médicaments donnés par Apotex arrivent à Guayaquil en Équateur grâce aux dons d'Apotex et Initiative 360-Take it Global

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