Improving the health of pregnant women, mothers and children through the Pamoja Project: Kenya 

According to UNFPA, in Kenya, the maternal mortality ratio stands at 355 deaths per 100,000 live births. Given the current annual births, this means that there are nearly 5000 women and girls dying annually due to pregnancy and childbirth complications. While access to skilled birth attendance has improved from 62% to about 70% over the last seven years, over 80% of maternal deaths are attributed to poor quality of care.  

Shortage of medicines and supplies, training gaps in health workers, lack of reliable electricity in the health facilities, and awareness and knowledge about the available services are some of the many factors that prevent women and children from receiving essential health care during pregnancy and childbirth. 

To contribute to reducing maternal and newborn deaths in some of the underserved communities of Kenya, we, along with our grassroots partner, have been implementing a multi-year project titled ‘Pamoja’ (Together in Swahili). To date, over 180 church leaders, community volunteers, and healthcare providers have been trained in health education and awareness activities, and over 2.2 million dollars’ worth of medicines and medical supplies have been delivered, offering hundreds of treatments to those in need.  

Since 2016, HPIC and its local partner have been working together to strengthen the healthcare delivery system by:

  • Facilitating training for midwives and nurses in collaboration with local regional health management teams
  • Supporting health facilities with medicines and medical supplies 
  • Solarizing health facilities to improve obstetric care  
  • Conducting community awareness sessions on maternal, newborn and children’s health


Working with our partners to safeguard the well-being and rights of women and girls
Supporting the health of premature babies by equipping two hospitals in Lebanon with essential medicines and supplies for neonates.
Ukraine, Sudan & Central African Republic, Iraq, and Ecuador 
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