Supporting Premature Babies: Lebanon  

HPIC has been actively working in Lebanon since 2001 and we have a long history in the country. Over the years, HPIC has delivered over $28 million of medicines to Lebanon, and provided infrastructure support to two major hospitals.  

Our most recent project in partnership with local partner, ANERA, is attending to the medical needs of our youngest demographic – newborn babies. 

Each year in Lebanon, 18,000 babies are born preterm and need to be admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In a country that lacks adequate facilities, equipment, medicine, and medical supplies, many of these newborns are going without treatment. In the first stage of life, these fragile newborns need 24-hour care and specialized medicines that differ from those given to older children. 

Through our partnership with ANERA, HPIC is supporting the health of premature babies by equipping two hospitals in Lebanon with essential medicines and supplies for neonates. Together, we are giving families hope for a bright and healthy future for their little ones. 

From young to old, the medical needs of people in Lebanon will continue to be one of HPIC’s top priorities.  


An update on HPIC's Emergency Responses in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Haiti, Libya, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Ecuador, and Malawi.
In its second year, the NeoLife Project continues to make an impact for premature babies and their families in Lebanon.
HPIC and our NGO partners collaborate to support local healthcare providers who distribute our medicines to those who need them most.
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